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Trojan Removal

Do you suspect that you have a virus, trojan, spyware and malware on your computer or laptop? Is your computer slow? Are you experiencing popups or a virus scare screen? Do you want the virus removed and your computer optimized? Our remote computer repair s are here to help. We diagnose the system in safe mode so you don’t lose any data. We will remove viruses and tune up your computer.

Call 1800 590 5334

What do we charge?

One Time Fix: Any One Device.$99.99

Unlimited 24/7 Support: Any One Device.$299.99

What does our remote computer repair unlimited support include?

  • Computer virus removal
  • Spyware removal
  • Computer optimization
  • Device driver issues
  • Internet Issues
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • Browser Issues
  • Printer problems
  • Email setup
  • Recover data ( missing or deleted files)

We remove viruses from over 300 computers a day! Over a 100 Techies are at your service 24/7!

Call a Computer360 toll free at 1800 590 5334

Below is a list of Trojans we remove. Computer360 s remotely access your computer in safe mode to prevent data loss and remove all these these Trojans manually online.

  • Rootkit.Sirefef.Gen removal
    ZeroAccess/Sirefef is a sophisticated kernel-mode rootkit that gets installed when a ZeroAccess dropper gets executed. We manually remove Rootkit.Sirefef.Gen Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Rootkit.MBR.TDSS removal
    The rootkit component is installed by the dropper malware. It hooks specific functions of the operating system, and uses intermediary files to prevent Windows from checking digital signatures for drivers. We manually remove RRootkit.MBR.TDSS Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Trojan.FakeAV removal
    Fake AV trojans (known as rogue AV) are applications that claim the user's computer is infected and professional intervention is needed. We manually remove Trojan.FakeAV Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Win32.Ramnit.G removal
    This malware is a html file infected by a worm, with a visual basic script. The script drops file %TEMP%\svchost.exe wich is detected as Win32.Ramnit.J, then executes this file. We manually remove Win32.Ramnit.G: Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Trojan.Ransom.IcePol removal
    The desktop is locked by a message claiming to be from the local law enforcement agency. The same message demands that the user pays a fine via uKash. We manually remove Trojan.Ransom.IcePol Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Trojan.Startpage.AABI removal
    The computer user is shown an advertisement in the Yahoo Messenger chat window. If clicked, the user is prompted to download and execute a setup file that contains the payload. When executed, the file copies itself to %APPDATA%\\laban.exe and sets itself to run at every system boot. We manually removeTrojan.Startpage.AABI Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Backdoor.Lavandos.A removal
    This threat can give a malicious hacker unauthorized access and control of your PC. We manually remove Backdoor.Lavandos.AI Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Back Orifice (BO) removal
    The most famous remote access Trojan is Back Orifice (dubbed BO), named to mock Microsoft's own Back Office program. We manually remove Back Orifice (BO) Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Password stealers removal
    These are usually targeting a certain kind of password. We manually remove Password stealers Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Backdoor aka RAT removal (Remote Access Trojan)
    Backdoor trojans leave the computer open to be controlled by someone else for different functions. We manually removeBackdoor aka RAT Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Mailfinder Trojans removal
    These harvest email-addresses from the infected computer in any way they can and send the list of addresses to the operator. We manually remove Mailfinder Trojans online remotely and tune up your PC.

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